About Us

Our mission is to spread motivation and positivity across the world through quality and comfortable apparel. Gas Money Gear originally began as an idea for two high school students to raise money for their lawn care business, Gas Money LLC. Today, Gas Money Gear offers motivational and trendy apparel to the world.

After selling obnoxious (but cool) work shirts to our friends, we decided to print motivational and funny phrases on our shirts to add positivity and humor to our brand.

We also wanted to spread positivity on a larger scale, so we launched a Shopify store to begin selling to new audiences.

After starting with the "Aspire to Inspire" and "chase yo dreams" hoodies, we received nothing but positive reactions from all of our friends.

From that point on, Gas Money Gear has provided us with the ability to spread motivation through daily-wear clothing. More importantly, we want to spread awareness for entrepreneurship, self-confidence, and positivity.

We're always open to feedback, and we love hearing from our customers. Feel free to reach us at any time via our email, gasmoneygear@gmail.com.